49.4c06 Service Error

49.4c06 Service Error

49.4c06 Service Error is a firmware error which disrupts your print job and makes you look for a quick resolution. This error notification comes up on the control panel of your HP PageWide Enterprise printer or HP LaserJet Enterprise printer with HP FutureSmart firmware, where 49 is a symbol of a firmware communication error, and Read more about 49.4c06 Service Error[…]

PCL XL Error illegalattributevalue

How to Fix PCL XL Error illegalattributevalue? Why This Error Occurs? Are facing issues like PCL XL Error illegalattributevalue while printing the PDF? Don’t worry. Sometimes the printer of the HP can show the error and illegalattributevalue errors. These errors can occur due to the issues in the driver of the printer and you can Read more about PCL XL Error illegalattributevalue[…]

Fix canon printer error 5100

Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon Printer Error 5100 Canon printers have wide utility in offices, schools, and homes worldwide. These wonderful printers are being utilized for accomplishing many tasks ranging from copies of your favorite electronic item to assignment work report of students. With day-and-night utility and practical utilization of canon printers on a regular basis, there is a Read more about Canon Printer Error Code 5100[…]

fix lenovo camera not working

Why Won’t My Camera Work On My Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo Camera Not Working Sometimes, it happens that webcams on some Lenovo laptops models stop functioning due to some reason. This is a case where the webcam itself doesn’t get detected by Windows or there’s a malfunction with the device driver. Indeed, given the place of importance that a camera holds in our day-to-day work Read more about Why Won’t My Camera Work On My Lenovo Laptop[…]

macbook plugged in not charging

Fix Macbook Plugged in Not Charging

Why is MacBook Plugged In But Not Charging? Apple is a multinational technology company known for producing quality electronics and gadgets. The company designs to develop and sell technology advanced consumer electronics, computer software, and services. Apple lines up quality devices that are secure, reliable, and handy. The devices have the most alluring features which Read more about Fix Macbook Plugged in Not Charging[…]

Brother printer in error state

Brother Printer in Error State Windows 10

Fix Brother Printer In Error State Brother printers are the first choice when it comes to enjoying the hassle-free and smooth printing experience. With millions of trusted users and highly advanced features, brother printers always fulfill all the needs and requirements of users. But like any other printer, users have to face some common as Read more about Brother Printer in Error State Windows 10[…]

Lenovo laptop wont turn on

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On – No Power Light or Simply Blinking Any Lenovo laptop performs dedicatedly and efficiently for your needs of work at your office or home. However, sometimes, you may find that your laptop is not powering on despite the right connections and plugging. Several Lenovo laptop models have had problems getting Read more about Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On[…]

hp laptop plugged in not charging

HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

How to Fix “HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging?” Problem HP laptops have been known to function remarkably for accomplishing your tasks at home or office. While you may go on with HP laptops without any issues for a long period of time, some simple troubles may bring it to a halt. HP Laptop Not Read more about HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging[…]

brother printer not printing

Brother Printer Not Printing

Getting Brother Printer Not Printing Errors?  Printing is a very crucial process. Sometimes, you’ve Brother Printer Not Printing even after giving so many commands. When these type of issues arise, the user’s work experience and office operations get affected a lot and impact the workflow as well. Moreover, brother printer is more advanced and easy Read more about Brother Printer Not Printing[…]